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Founder | Branding Consultant

María Lucía Romero

I’m an empowered woman empowering people to build their brands based on how they will want it to be perceived as a human being.

After my Background in Marketing Management for almost 15 years between Latin America and United States, bring me to explore which of those things that I did during these years, made me feel the biggest connection to bring it to my day by day life. In Fact, I started to be specialized in Branding 5 years ago.

After arrive to live in Europe and start to create Brands for enterprises, I connected with key people in design, innovation and technology in Spain and Germany and then here in Luxembourg and this allow me to learn value things from them that make me feel more confident and ready to start as a Brand Consultant.


How do I work?

Building a brand an identity is a process. I do the process for branding and      high-end corporate rebranding includes three phases: 



In the Discovery phase, we immerse ourselves in your day-to-day business, approaching different brand aspects to build the right and strong roots, research your competition, interview stakeholders to gain an understanding of your culture, and study your target audience. The result is a clear window of opportunity for your corporation that guides phase 2.


During the Creative phase, we will co create the brand platform taking the findings and recommendations and turn that into core brand messages. This process is doing through interactive brainstorm sessions and creatively workshops to connect the brand story to have an emotional impact, engage with your audience while standing out from the competition with a clear differentiator.


The Execution phase results in brand guidelines to ensure consistency for any future application of your brand for years to come. This collaborative phase result in a brand platform document. The phase concludes with a presentation of the brand and detailed report.

Why Branding is important for your Business?

When people walk through, touch, and interact with your brand there is an opportunity to create a memorable impression and true brand engagement. 

Let’s build that together knowing the benefits to do Branding.