5 Powerful steps to build your Personal Brand

5 powerful steps to buils your personal brand

If you are not sure about what personal branding means, just Google yourself and realized how the world is perceiving you right now.

Are you happy with your find there?

This is how you want to present yourself to the world or give the best impression to a potential client or a hiring manager?

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This is how future clients or employers research you on the internet and that’s why is important to build a strong reputation with a personal brand.

If you are wondering when the best time could be to build your personal brand, let me suggest that today and during this pandemic, is the best time to build your strong personal brand.

Personal Branding is a valuable part of your assets and once you build it with strong roots, you will be willing to spread with a consistent message to your audience.

How to start to create it and what are the steps to follow?

It is critical to have a virtual presence during the dramatic change we are having with the pandemic and that’s why personal branding is vital right now.

I will give you here 5 powerful steps to build the roots of your personal brand that will allow you to take action and build your reputation.

  1. Craft and tell your story. Listing your strengths and skills and make a story with that. Connect the highlight dots and use it to tell a story and make people feeling inspire and recalled you more.
  2. Define your differentiator. We are all different and unique, but we don’t realize it easily. Just think, what sets you apart from others? what are those things you know that really make you be different than others? Defining this differentiator will be the high value you will deliver next to your name. Think about what are the things you want to be related to when someone says your name.
  3. Increase your digital footprint. Individuals and companies need to communicate virtually more than ever before. I highly recommend updating your social media accounts and start to be active by sharing interesting information for your networking. Keep your profile up to date and write all those things that define who you are in your profile description. Highlight the differentiator and use it in the most visible part of your description.
  4. Share Value Content. Sharing is how you start to build networking to connect with the people of your interest field. Don’t forget to comment including your point of view to start a conversation point with those who see your post. This will give you more personal visibility between other connections with similar interests.
  5. Bring New Habits to your life. Personal branding is part not only of your professional life; There is a strong personal side related to who you are as a human being. The COVID-19 pandemic changing many things in our life so bringing and implementing new habits to be adapted to the new normality and make it part of our authenticity is a way to demonstrate your capacity to be adapted to new situations as one strong strength in your personal brand. Habits like listen to podcasts to learn something new every day or reading a new book every week, would be something helpful to implement. Day by day you are bringing valuable knowledge to your life.
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The moment is now. Build your Personal Brand!

María Romero

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