How are you guiding your brand communication at the moment?

What have you changed to adapt your brand to the current situation?

Let’s go through a few steps that will help you gain clarity over what should be done.

Even in a market in which clients are not buying, there is always an opportunity to communicate without selling.

This is called “building brand awareness”, which allows us to position our brand in our potential clients’ mind. We achieve this by creating engagement around our core values that resonate with our clients, and by making our brand more accessible to our audience.

As we all know, sales are one of the reasons why brands exist, but at this moment, is time to add value in a different way by building a human relationship with the customers that will bring more sales in the future.

It is time to show the brand’s human side and not only talking about the product.

It is time to inspire the audience through brand communication and let the people know the brand is there.

Be present, be patient, be emphatic by expressing the brand’s positive point of view in front of this situation.

Be inspirational and make the brand a part of the people’s dreams.

Be supportive, be present and be open to help in any way.

If the brand was a person, what type of personality would it have? Now is the moment to show it and let it clear to the audience.

Is it a caregiver brand? an explorer? a creator……?

Now there is a big opportunity to grow the relationship with the existing and future clients.

Get the brand to Interact with the customers. Is time to realize how the customers perceived the brand by asking them directly what they need, what they are looking for when thinking in the brand, and what emotions the brand is generating within them.

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After that, this will confirm that the communication strategy needs to change right now. Their needs are different from that moment, and so are their emotions.

The time for action is now.

Here some guidelines to refocus the brand communication

WHAT needs to happen?

After building the new communication plan, here is what should be kept in mind:

A clear message

Build a narrative around a story by being a storyteller.

Use language that is easy to understand

Give the brand the right tone of voice.

HOW is this done?

By approaching the customers in a different way

By creating content that inspires them

By giving and suggesting new ideas to them

By generating wellness

By personally interacting with the clients

By going directly to the niche that the brand addresses

WHY should we do all of this?

The current situation is going to remind the clients that they need to focus on the essentials, in business, and in life, so the company needs to make sure that the existing and future clients remember the brand as being one of those essential.

Until now, most communication strategies have centered around the product or the service, so this is the opportunity to focus on the values of the brand and the value that the brand adds to the clients. Making the brand more relatable, by telling the stories of the men and women behind the brand, who are also people working on providing the clients with value every day.

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Here are some questions that should be asked during the next brainstorming session

–      What is the concept of the brand?

–      Why does the brand exist?

–      Why did the brand create the product?

–      What inspired the brand?

–      What is the brand’s style

–      What emotions does the brand want to generate in the consumers?

Don’t forget that:

“Brands are like a person. Yes, like humans, with personality, type of behaving and way to speak with a tone of voice. Show how your brand is and why it exists at this moment. Have clarity about how your brand wants to be perceived.

With these ingredients, there is another spectrum of the brand to explore to become well-positioned in the consumer’s mind and not only to be perceived as a brand that is only concerned by the increase of the sales.

Remember the difference between marketing and branding:

Marketing works towards a transaction; Branding works towards a relationship. Stephen Houraghan/ Difference between branding and marketing.

Now is the moment to do Branding; Build a strong relationship with the current and future clients.

The moment is now.

María Romero

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